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Garnish: It’s not your average oatmeal, this NJ brand is killing it

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Local favorite Garnish, a brand of overnight prefabricated oats, prides itself on its nutritious and tasty product. Garnish oats are dairy, gluten free and vegan. The company uses New Jersey-grown produce in its products and has designed every step of the manufacturing process to have the least possible impact on the environment. From buying ingredients locally to composting waste, Garnish has differentiated itself. Garnish products are being sold to several local retailers in northern New Jersey with plans to continue expanding to local outlets and through the upcoming launch of the online store. The Hoboken girl He had the opportunity to speak with Connor & Jared, the founders of Garnish, about the formation of the company, the values ​​of the ingredients and the plans for the future.

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Girl in Hoboken: Connor and Jared, it’s a pleasure to meet you virtually. Talk to our readers about Garnish and your product.

CS / JP: Garnish is a team of chefs who specialize in creating high quality herbal and takeaway foods, with our flagship product being our collection of handmade, vegan-made oatmeal bowls.

Our nocturnal oats were designed to balance both flavor and nutritional value with
combination that results in something simple, clean and delicious. The composition in terms of stratification and product structure allows us to highlight its simplicity in an elegant way.

All we use is to achieve a specific flavor profile, nutritional value, or both. And we only use whole fruits, nuts, seeds and oats to do that. Sure, there are challenges involved in maintaining the level of standards we stand for, but we are very proud of our culinary roots and love to be creative with slightly more unique flavor combinations!

HG: How did you start your business and how has it grown since then?

CS / JP: The garnish looks very different today than when it started. The company was originally formed as a personal home chef service that launched its pilot program in Essex County, NJ in March 2020. But even before we could complete our first scheduled service, we postponed the launch indefinitely and shortly after the country. began to close.

After a year of trying to relaunch the concept in the post-pandemic world, we decided to restructure the offering and add a contactless meal delivery option. In early 2021, we began developing the menu and testing recipes for our first menu item: Oatmeal Bowls Overnight.

Oatmeal was so popular within the test group that we never went into anything else, and in May 2021 we officially launched a product line called Oats by Garnish and we haven’t looked back since.

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HG: Your nocturnal oats do not include gluten or dairy. What is the process for selecting your ingredients?

CS / JP: We see ourselves as the most important oat product in space. For us, this means using only the best organic ingredients available so we can create something that is clean, delicious and full of all the right nutrients and vitamins your body needs.

We are very careful when it comes to getting our ingredients. We love the idea of ​​the town and have built good relationships with local vendors. We really try to learn and understand the processes of our partners before working with them – from ethical farming practices and techniques to making sure the facilities are in fact gluten-free and dairy-free to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. for our customers.

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HG: Why is it important to maintain a gluten-free + dairy selection for your business and consumers?

CS / JP: We believe that our business and our products are part of a much larger movement for the future of a plant-based economy. Our mission is to integrate food sustainability into people’s daily lives by promoting healthier lifestyle choices in the form of plant-rich foods in a comfortable, ready-to-eat format. The idea of ​​a sustainable food system means a world in which we can achieve and maintain food security for all, and do so in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally responsible. This is the vision we are working for, and this idea affects everything we do.

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HG: Emphasize sustainability and the importance of composting. How do you incorporate it into your day-to-day life?

CS / JP: One of the areas we focus on is our goal of zero food waste. We achieve this by using almost completely stable ingredients such as nuts, seeds and oats. A good example is our process of using oat milk that we make ourselves with oat powder made only from organic gluten-free oats. We only do the exact amount we need, which is important to ensure zero waste and avoid outsourcing with brands that may contain oils, gums or emulsifiers to increase shelf life.

Our fruit process is also handled with care. We use fresh, dried fruit in our bowls so that we can use as much fruit as possible. Any part of the fruit that we do not use as a fresh component, we dehydrate it and use it as a garnish, while any part of the fruit that cannot be eaten is composted through a company called Java’s Compost.

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HG: You have partnered with several local businesses to sell your product. What is the partner selection process? Where can we find your oats from now on?

CS / JP: We are looking for partners who not only share our enthusiasm for the product itself, but also those who have strong missions that are aligned with ours. We’re currently in North New Jersey cafes, such as The Hive, MOJO, ModCup, The Muse, Jola, and The Coffee Potter, to name a few!

We place great value on our relationships with our local partners, as we see them as ambassadors for our products and our brand. We recently had a really fun collaboration with our good friends from Modcup, who have great products, and we threw our oatmeal overnight with Cold Brew infusion with their Dredger mix, which we definitely recommend for everyone. coffee lovers.

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HG: In terms of local sales, how have the Hoboken, Jersey City, and surrounding communities affected your sales and relationships?

CS / JP: This community is so important to us, and I think COVID-19 has made us all appreciate our neighbors, our amazing local businesses, and our local economy more than ever. The last two years have not been the easiest for many people, and we believe that everyone, young and old, has the potential to make a positive impact in their community.

We are very proud to have partnered with an amazing non-profit organization earlier this year called the Coalition for Food and Health Equity based in Hudson County, NJ. Our cause has always been health-driven and environmentally focused, and thanks to our partnership with CFHE, we have now also begun working to address the challenges of food equity and access to sustainable, nutritious food. and of plant origin.

Food insecurity is one of the drivers of economic inequality and with the current inflationary environment we are living in, rising food prices are making it increasingly difficult for families to access the nutrition they need to maintain a healthy diet. Through one of CFHE’s programs, The Hunger Project, we are handing out our oatmeal bowls to individuals and families right here in Hudson County and offering them a healthy breakfast each week. It’s an amazing show and it really made us appreciate the wonderful people in this community even more.

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(Photo credit: garrison)

HG: What’s next for the business? New associations? New flavors? We look forward to hearing and seeing more!

CS / JP: We are always looking for more collaborations and this year we are launching our online store. We love working with local businesses and connecting with people in the community, and we love the feedback, so get in touch with us.

We have amazing flavors coming soon, as our menu revolves around seasonal produce. To name a few, we are very excited about the launch of our golden kiwi, London mist and lavender fig.

HG: Last but not least, what is your favorite and best-selling flavor so far?

CS / JP:

Jared: Cardamom date
Connor: Peach Chai
The best Sale: Strawberry basil

For more information on Garnish products, find the company on Facebook and Instagram.


Written by: Ada Rene

Originally from Philadelphia, Ada moved to Hoboken in 2016 to find a job opportunity and grew a love for exploring the city. When he’s not working, he enjoys writing, trying out all the coffee Hudson County has to offer, and spending most of his time outdoors. She loves meeting local people and interacting with music, health and wellness, and new discoveries in our community.

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