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Rice and Cotton Hit Record Yields in Arkansas | Local news

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Arkansas rice and cotton crops both hit record yields in 2021 as expected, while corn and soybean crops were roughly the same as the previous year, according to Wednesday’s report from the US Department of Agriculture. United which summarizes the agricultural production of 2021.

However, for cotton, there is a caveat. Wednesday’s figure is not definitive.

For cotton, “the USDA reduced the average yield of 24 pounds to 1,263 pounds of fluff per acre, which is still a record,” said Scott Stiles, an extension economist for the University’s Division of Agriculture System. ‘Arkansas. “However, this is not the final return estimate. For cotton, it will be released in May. “

Why May? “Ginning is still going on in Texas and the High Plains,” he said. The figures will be published together with the Annual Summary of Final Cotton Ginning of the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Bill Robertson, the extension’s cotton agronomist, said the report “hit acres planted and harvested by 5,000 compared to the December report. This brought the December yield estimate of 1,287 pounds of lint per acre down to 1.263 “.

Arkansas ranked fourth for acre of cotton planted and fourth for cotton yield per acre of mountain and was third in production. Acres harvested rose to 475,000, up from 520,000 last year.

The outlook for average prices remained stable month-to-month at 90 cents per pound.

“Compared to last year, we were down 9% in acres, but we were only down 2% in production,” said Robertson.

In other crops:


Stiles said the USDA added a bushel to the average yield to 184, the same as last year. The acres collected were 830,000, up from 605,000 in 2020.

“The average price outlook for the 2021 harvest has remained stable month-to-month at $ 5.45 versus $ 4.53 for the 2020 harvest,” he said.

Jason Kelley, a wheat and feed grain agronomist for the Division of Agriculture, said Arkansas corn acres were the second highest since about 1954, thanks to a “combination of better grain price outlooks than to previous years, but also a much better planting window that allowed corn to be planted in a timely manner is also a factor. “


The peanut acreage has decreased by 3,000 acres from 2020 to 35,000. The state average yield in 2021 increased from 200 pounds to 5,000 pounds per acre.


The USDA added 30 pounds to Arkansas’ average yield, bringing it up to 7,630 quintals per acre, a record. This is an increase of 7,500 quintals in 2020.

“The acres harvested were reduced by 4,000 to 1,194 million, which was down by 247,000 from 1.441 million last year,” Stiles said. The average price outlook for long wheat has increased 10 cents per quintal weight and month-to-month to $ 13.20 per quintal or $ 5.94 per bushel, compared to $ 12.60 or $ 5.67 per bushel. bushel for the 2020 harvest.

Arkansas once again accounted for 47.5% of US rice production.


As it did with corn, the USDA added a bushel to the average yield to 51, half bushes less than last year. The acres harvested were 3.01 million, up from 2.8 million acres the previous year.

“The average price outlook has increased 50 cents month-over-month to $ 12.60, up from $ 10.80 per bushel the previous year,” Stiles said.


“Surprisingly, the acres of grain for Arkansas are expected to decrease from the previous year,” Stiles said. “The USDA put us at 170,000, a 19% drop from the previous year.

“Wheat prices were attractive, but fertilizer prices were headed up last fall,” he said. “Input costs may have played a role in reducing acres.”

Kelley said it is not surprising that the acres of grain have not increased, “although grain prices were higher last fall than in several years. A rise in fertilizer prices was a major concern when the crops were taken. decisions on sowing wheat “.

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